Review: Expendables 2


I’m back! :) I had a terrible eye infection caused by a mascara fragment in my eye (yes, you read it right, nagkasakit ako dahil sa kaartehan!) so I was not able to blog or worst use my computer for almost a week. I just had to fight with my mom for her to allow me to use my phone. Pfftt! No twitter for a week??! Ha! I’d rather go blind! Pero char lang yun syempre. I wasn’t able to tweet as much and I just started reading last Saturday. See?! I’m such a good patient. And lesson learned, no more mascara for me. Forevah!!!

Anyhow, back to my blog post.

Alright. Imagine seeing the best and the biggest action superstars of Hollywood in just one film? Astig! \m/

I wasn’t able to catch the first Expendables though I really want to. But since this film also features my favorite Jean-Claude Van Damme, I just gotta watch it. I grew up watching Van Damme films. Mila (my mom) being the biggest Van Damme fan. So I basically grew up watching Kickboxer, Street Fighter, Cyborg, Universal Soldier (my fave), Nowhere To Run (another fave) and Double Impact and sooo much more (I can’t remember the others) on VHS. Yes! VHS pa noon. You’ll rent tapos papanoorin mo ng mga 5 times bago isoli sa video rental. Hahahaha.. And we have an original VHS copy of Nowhere To Run and Double Impact from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where my father spent 5 years working. :) There, story my childhood! Aba! Mahilig din pala ako sa movies noon. And here I am blabbing again.

Back to Expendables!!!

So we spent the holiday at the mall. We had early dinner and had to choose between Expendables and The Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Of course, Stallone won! :) Well, more like, Liam Hemsworth won. Hahaha…

So the film spell A-C-T-I-O-N from start to finish. Tanks, bombs, guns and fight scenes c/o of Jet Li, Statham, Stallone and Van Damme. But more than that, it is such a funny film. Sabi ko nga kay G.p, I wasn’t informed na comedy pala sya! Kalurks! But basically we had a great time. It was fun seeing the great action heroes in one film. Though I hate it that Van Damme is the enemy. I just love him so much that I think hindi bagay sa kanya maging bad. Oh my Universal Soldier gone bad. :’( And I also hate it that they killed Liam Hemsworth early in the film. I mean, he’s just sooo gwapo to die early. Hihihi..

You just gotta watch it guys. Promise you’ll love it. Although I hate the “bloody scenes” but I guess its part of the fun for others. I just got a really low tolerance for blood. Oh well!

It’s just sooo good to be back. I miss blogging. :) Oh the fun of writing. It really is the best therapy for me. I hope you’re having a great long weekend. Much love from me.




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