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Remember when I told you that I only got to love movies when G.p came into my life??!! *insert love song here* Oh well, there are a couple of exceptions to that rule. I have some movies that I made sure to watch on the cinema and that includes the Bourne Series. Bourne Identity was shown way back in 2002 when I was in college and have this 6 hour break which was mostly spent on the cinema (SM Manila Cinema in particular, or sometimes Robinson’s Ermita). I must say I got hooked on the film so when the second and third installment was shown, me and friends made sure to catch it. And then I thought that was it. Since it was based on the novel of the same title by Robert Ludlum. The trilogy is over.

So imagine my excitement when the news broke that the cast of the 4th Bourne film flew here in Manila to shoot! I mean, I am no fan of Jeremy Renner but I am sure is a huge fan of the Bourne Series and seeing my beloved city (and country) on the big screen of a Hollywood movie is just way beyond exciting.

I just watched it for the second time. The first one was with G.p and then with my friends here at work (free c/o of the company I work, so thank you!).

So, you’ve got to ask me the big question now right?! Did I love it?! Sure! It has that same feel of action and suspense and the excitement and the way it made me glued to the screen and really think hard as to why it was like that or how the events would surely unfold. Same as previous Bourne films. It was magnificently written and it sure catch my curiosity.

Though I kinda didn’t like Jeremy Renner. :( I know he’s hot and all and he’s like a big star but really! Compared to Matt Damon’s portrayal as Jason Bourne, he is waaaay beyond him. I just feel his moves are not that  “swabe” and some action scenes are not  executed the way I expected it. Maybe I just raise my bar too high. So shoot me! Hehehehe…

A lot said they find it “bitin”. A lot of questions are left unanswered but I guess that’s part of the game. ;-P Most Hollywood films are doing that. Making sure that movie goers would definitely look forward for the next installment. I mean, come on! Its business anyway.

I am surely way excited for the next part of the film. I hope Aaron and Jason would tag team and kill all those CIA people. Harhar! And I hope they’d show more of El Nido, Palawan. This film mostly showed Manila and the traffic and the slums so I hope they’d show the beautiful part of my country next time. The white sand and pristine beaches of Palawan. The virgin islands and everything. Nyahahahaha… I’m waaaay beyond excited. Oh well! @_@

If you’re a Filipino, don’t let this pass. And see if you’ll recognize Joel Torre like we did. If you’re not a Filipino, oh please watch it. And remember that the last part of the film is really what the Philippines has to offer and a lot more. :-P Come and visit. You would surely love it here. :)

Anyway, I hope everyone's safe after Habagat. Life is back to normal. I also hope the rain would stop so we could all go home now. Take care guys! You all know I love you dear readers.



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