Girly and I Love It

I wore this cute dress to work last week! I was feeling a little off weather and kinda stressed out so I went all girly that day. :) Flowers all over my dress and curly hair – can I get any more girly that?! Oh! Add the PINK heels! :-P

With all that girly ensemble, I add a little drama by wearing contrasting accessories – SKULL connector ring and earrings. Very rockstar! So I’m a girly rockstar that day. Don’t you just love it?! When 2 opposite things go together so well. Opposites really do attract and not to mention they make you pretty.

I love to dress up when I’m feeling kinda down or stressed. Sabi ko nga, "I wanna look my best in hell!”. My insomnia is slowly killing me this week. Arrrrggghhh.. I just hope I can get my sleep soon. But oh well! I’m busy and I’m blessed. So I can’t thank the Lord enough. Everything falls into places without me worrying. How cool is that?! I have a great and loving God indeed. So now that I got loads of work on my plate, I simply can’t complain. I love every bit of it. :) How about you guys?! Don’t forget to thank God everyday for all the little things and the big ones. Goodnight!



blog3Dress: Bazaar | Cardigan: Vintage | Heels: People are People | Earrings: Random | Connector Ring: Random | ID Lace: Love Yourself Because You Deserve It

And oh by the way! Let me show you guys my new love. Actually this bag is G.p’s. Harhar! I shamelessly stole it from her and has been using it for days. I love it soo much. Maybe because it has stars all over. And it looks soo good on my every outfit. Hihihi..



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