Colorful and Fun


This dress never fail to impress. It’s one of my go-to dress everytime I feel kinda down and I just wanna perk up a little. I mean, with colors as vibrant as this one, who wouldn’t be so happy, right?! And, if I may add. This dress is just a little loose on me now. Eherm!

Oh! And I just love how my bag and belt matched. @_@ Lovely indeed.

Anyway, how are you guys so far?! I’m loving the weather. It’s scorching hot so the remnants of the flood earlier this week would soon be gone. Our house is still drying up as I type. A couple of things need to be repaired but that’s it. Nothing more. I’m just so glad everyone in my family is safe. But I still feel sad for the victims and very much happy for the survivors. Kaya natin to! Pinoy tayo diba?! Let’s help if we can. Donate. Volunteer.

Have a happy weekend everyone. Sending my love.


xoxo, Reigne.


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