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Being a certified bookworm, I make sure I read the book before it reaches the big screen. But with Hunger Games, it was different. I see this books on the special shelves on Bookshops labeled as international bestseller. I’d hear friends recommend them. I don’t know. I just don’t find myself go gaga over them. For the first time in a very long time, I don’t find a mainstream book charming.

And then there came the movie. After raising my bar waaaay up high because of too much good reviews, I find myself, well! Not much giddy. Although the movie is good and all. It didn’t pass my expectations. (See my review here.) I am no movie expert so I guess, my opinion wont matter that much. Hahaha..

Because of the hype and the movie and my deep curiosity and well, the fact that I was able to secure an e-Book copy for free, I read the first installment of the trilogy – the Hunger Games.

I made a wrong move when I decided to read the Hunger Games on a Sunday (I can’t sleep and I was thinking I’d read the book to lull me) because I find myself reading it until 6AM! Imagine how haggard I looked that Monday. And then I find myself reading it at the cabs, during lunch breaks. I cannot put the book down. Plain and simple.

It was one of the best book I’ve ever read. It was written in a very simple way but extremely honest. It says of a story that made you believe is true even though it was setup on a world different from ours. Yet it feels so close to home. I can relate to Katniss’ worries for her family, for her sister - because above all I am a sister myself. I know I’d volunteer for the Hunger Games if they’d ask one of my siblings to be a tribute. I know the feeling of being strong and yet crying on the inside. Her worries, her miseries, her actions, her stupid decisions, everything. I find them real. And I find them true. Honest.

When I watched the movie, I told G.p it sure looks like PBB but is set up on the forest. And instead of voting the housemates out, you kill the tributes. And then only 1 winner. And then Kuya who would manipulate the entire story. Who’ll make twist and turns. All for the viewers. And then the tributes who’ll pretend because they are aware of the viewing public. Oh! Honestly, I find that storyline cheap. Though artistically executed. But the book is so different. Behind every word is a deeper meaning. I understand why it is set up like that. Why it was like that. It simply isn’t written for entertainment. It teaches values.

And then the second installment – Catching Fire. Among the three, this one is the best. I simply cannot put it down. I had a sleepless night and a day of reading. Thank heavens I started this one on a Friday evening. And spent my entire weekend reading.

This one would surely put you on the edge of your seat the entire time. It’s page turner. Again, wonderfully written that aims to catch your attention. And the moment it does, there’s no turning back. I love the plot, the twists, the way the writer answers our questions of why a character is like this or like that. She unfolds each and everyone’s story with great details that would make you really understand why they are like that.

And last but not the least – the Mockingjay. The first few chapters is so so. I have a friend who told me she seems to lost her interest on the trilogy when she started reading the 3rd installment. And I must say, I feel exactly the same. But then I read it. And after a couple of chapters, I again find myself engrossed on the story. I can’t say much. You just have to read it. Though I must say that I liked the ending. For me, it is the perfect way to end Katniss’s story. Because again, it is honest. :)

Overall, the books are very worth of your time. Read between the lines, understand the characters and let your imagination go wild while reading. You’d be entertained, you’d cry, you’d laugh, you’d get angry, you’d learn a couple of lessons in life.


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