Review: The Dark Knight Rises


Haven’t watched a single Batman film. Of course I know the basics. There’s Batman, of course his sidekick Robin and there’s a sexy girl called Catwoman and of course Joker and that he’s got himself a Batmobile and that’s basically it. No idea who’s the villain. Didn’t even know the real name of Batman. I don’t know why though, I am actually excited on this particular remake. Maybe because Anne Hathaway played the coveted part of Catwoman. And I wanna see how sexy she is here.

But well, I’m glad that G.p and I braved the Manila flood to catch this film. Oh well actually, we braved the flood because I really want Eng Bee Tin’s Chocolate Mochi and after buying a pack, we didn’t know what else to do so we decided to catch the film. Andun na din lang kami at nakakahiya naman umuwi agad.

Anyway, this particular film is a good one. Well created. You could see that it really is artistically made. I’m not a movie expert but I guess having G.p as my girlfriend brings out the inner movie lover in me. No choice ako eh! Hilig nya sobra sa films! Now after watching tons of movies, on different Cinemas I tell you, I was able to atleast isolate which ones are created as eye candy (meaning they focus more on the graphics) and which are really created as film, as a form of art. And this one is a perfect example of a film created by a great director. It is art at its finest. The script, the action, the storyline, the cinematography are all well thought of. The actors are brilliant. It was actually a tear jerker. A movie with a heart. And I so much like it.

I know I always say I liked a film. Well, I am someone you can easily please. Maybe because I know what to expect on a specific film. I know if a movie is much more enjoyable in iMax, which ones are better in 3D, are better on the Director’s Club and which are okay on the regular cinema and of course, those that are great in my laptop. This one is definitely a Director’s Club type of film. Where you could focus on the line because there are less distraction. Because you must feel it on your heart and understand the deeper meaning and read between the lines.

I liked the twists and turns and the way everything seems to like jumble up and connect. This one is good movie. Clap! Clap! to the director and the people behind it. Make sure to catch it guys. Must see!


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