Rain Boots!

Manila weather is dreadful. With a tropical depression currently invading Manila, it has been raining nonstop since Friday. And I am on a house arrest! And it’s a weekend! Grrrr…

I love rains. But I hate puddles. And in Manila, when it rains non-stop for a good 15minutes, expect flood!

I so hate flood. I don’t want even a drop of flood water to touch my feet. I could only think of the bacteria and viruses that I can get with a drop of flood and not to mention the diseases. Leptospirosis?! Oh no! I’d die of shame if my death certificate says I died of leptospirosis.

And so, since I have this battle against flood, I bought my best weapon. Rain Boots!

Oh I love my rain boots from Sugar Kids! :) They are colorful and comfy. And my feet is so protected. I love love love them.


Rain boots nowadays are super fashionable. Lots of celebs have been spotted wearing them (see here, here and here).


**Photo grabbed from Google

Oh I’d love to get my hands on a pair of Jimmy Choo Rain Boots. But since I can’t, my Sugar Kids rainbow boots would do for now. And I think they are perfect for a gloomy rainy day. You know how much I love to dress up when I’m feeling down. My colorful ensemble is perfect to brighten up the day. Who cares if the sun is not coming out. I am a walking sunshine myself! :) I even got rainbows on my feet. Hahahahaha…

What do you think about my look?! If you want a pair of rain boots as well, send me a note. I’ll have them available on my online store soon. :-) And oh! Please like my FB Page here to get updated on the latest collection of Cleaning Out Our Closet. Thank you!

Have a great weekend guys. Be safe. Don’t get out if its not important. And always be ready. Just in case. Keep flashlights, store food, charge your cellphones. mwah!

boots4boots5boots6boots2boots1Rain Boots: Sugar Kids | Sweater: E and Queen | Yellow Skirt: Vintage | Loop Earrings: Random | Bow Ring: Random | Huge Oval Ring: Random | Bag: XOXO


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