Pancake House…again!

Couple of weeks back, Me, Len and a couple of our friends went to Pancake House for dinner. I’m not supposed to join them but heck! I love Pancake House so much I can’t say no.

Here’s our food for the night (Len and mine). FYI, Len is my “pangarap buddy”. We have loads of pangarap like losing weight, being maputi (for her, ako basta bumalik lng ung morena look ko and not this negra look that I’m sporting thanks to my travels) and so on and so forth. We’re actually good as partners coz we’re seeing results on our pangarap. ^_^

By the way, I’m so glad I opted to ditch my usual order of spag and burger patty because it turned out, Pancake House offers the yummiest fried chicken! Favorite ko na talaga sya! :)


My Plate


Len’s Plate

OO! Diet kami nyan! Promise! :) Hahahaha… Diet kami hindi death. So we still eat everything only in moderation. :)

Goodnight guys! I’m having difficulty sleeping when stressed and tired. I just hope this hectic thingy at work would be over soon. But anyway, I like challenge and a little extra stress won’t hurt. Atleast I’ll have an excuse to dress up!



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