#Shopaholic: Great Finds!

Remember my Quiapo adventure over the weekends?! Here are some of my great finds. I’m telling you, SM Quiapo is the place to be! Fellow Shoppingeras… lezzgow! :)

  • cococabana’s SwimwearOriginal Price: Php 499.75, Bargain Price: Php 100.00!!! Before my Ilocos trip, I was looking for cut-out swimsuits like this one. I’m chubz chubz but I got curves! So this would be perfect as they would hide my flabs but at the same time show off my curves. I guess the reason why I wasn’t able to get one a couple of months back is because I’m destined to get this one. I love the prints and design. And most of all, I LOVE THE PRICE!


  • Crissa’s Ladies PoloOriginal Price: Php 749.75, Bargain Price: Php 200.00!!! This is actually G.p’s. She saw this top and spent a good 10 minutes rummaging the rack for the perfect shirt. And she succeeded! Oh the things we’ll do for bargain. Hahahaha


  • cococabana’s Harem Beach PantsOriginal Price: Php 399.75, Bargain Price: Php 100.00!!! This one is also G.p’s. I don’t like harem pants but I guess wearing them on the beaches of Palawan (we have a planned trip to Puerto Prinsesa this coming October) is her vacay peg. G.p’s fashyown is so not me but well, a great find it is. And I tried it out, it’s so comfy! Me likey. I’ll steal it from her.


  • Gibi Shoes’ HeelsOriginal Price: Php 1699.75, Bargain Price: Php 300.00!!! I tell you. This pair made me soooo happy! I mean, a pair of heels for only 300?? And they are size 4!!! My size. They have heels on MY SIZE!! And they are on sale. I have never ever bought a pair of heels on sale that’s also on my size. I would usually buy size 5s and then make them fit. But this one, is soo perfect. I love love love it.


  • Gibi Shoes’ HeelsOriginal Price: Php 1499.75, Bargain Price: Php 300.00!!! And because it’s on sale, I gotta buy another pair. Harhar.. I was supposed to buy the other one also but G.p told me they don’t look good on me. I was tempted to buy it even if I don’t really like it but then again, I guess that’s not a good idea. So fellow shoppingeras, you have to put this in mind. Make sure you only buy things that you really need/want/looks good on you even if it’s on sale. Coz if not, you’ll be wasting money rather than save.


  • Rough Rider Jeans’ Mini SkirtOriginal Price: wasn’t able to check but they’re skirts are usually priced at Php 500-800, Bargain Price: Php 100.00!!! I got it on RRJ Robinson’s Ermita branch, not in SM Quiapo but you have to agree with me that its also a great find. I mean, the skirt’s length is perfect. I saw a maong skirt in SM Quiapo for only Php 50.00 but I didn’t buy it because it’s so short. Not a good idea. But this one is perfect. Yey! :) And the print is lovely and the cloth is very comfy.



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