Review: Rock of Ages

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There are only two words that best describes this film – It Rocks! \m/

I love it. A lot actually. Though it is quite a lot like Burlesque (when it comes to plot) and it reminds me so much of Glee (because of all the songs). Blame my love for music! I just find myself singing on almost every song in this film.

And Oh my God! I need to say this – I am officially inlove with Tom Cruise. You all know I hate him until MIB4 but this time, I soooo love him!!! Before actually watching it, I was kinda worried on how Tom Cruise would look like portraying a rockstar but gee he’s good! And he is soooo hot! And I must tell you that I’ve waited for the entire credits to finish because I wanna see if Tom Cruise really did sing those songs – and he did! Now I know why my Mila is going gaga over him.

Oh well enough of my Tom Cruise infatuation. And on to our review…

This star-studded film is a must see for those who love to sing. It’s quite good that once in a while we, as movie goers, are served with this type of dish. I know that Glee is so passé but whatever. I still find it quite entertaining to hear music and see the actors sing. Though I would understand if some would find it boring – specially the guys who prefer action over music. And as I’ve said, the plot is sooo much like Burlesque. But I guess since this is a movie adaptation of a musical, then we can’t do anything about it.

The film is a musical comedy that would really make you smile, laugh, sing and fall in love. As I’ve said, I find it entertaining. Catherine Zeta-Jones is superb here. Actually, I guess what I most liked about the film is the fact that we we’re able to see a different side of those Hollywood actors. Just fun! Pure fun.

Now I wanna catch the musical. Where can I buy tickets guys??!!!

rock of ages


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