If happy ever after did exist…

Alright. I know my blog title isn’t related to my actual post, but that’s my current LSS. Oh Adam! If Anne V didn’t want you anymore, I’d be glad to take her place. Lemme give you lots of TLC. Harhar!

IMG_4488Beaded Bracelet | Star Ring | Bangles | Red Lippy: Estee Lauder (it’s RED! I swear! More like Orange-Red)

Aaaannnnddd enough of my craziness! :)

Alright, and so the moment I saw this cute top on a Bazaar that I frequented my jaw literally dropped! If you’re a follower of this blog, you’d probably notice that I’ve been sporting lose tops lately (see here, here and here). I just find them fun, comfortable and most importantly they make me look slimmer. O feeling ko lang yun??!! Hahaha...

IMG_4487Lose Stripe Top: Thrifted | Jeggings | Wedges: Primadonna

Since I wore this on a Friday, I decided to match it with jeggings and my ever-reliable wedges from Primadonna. Toned down a bit on my accessories cause I’m trying to be THE simple lady that I’m not!

Also, do you guys like my new do? *blush* I just tried my luck on that curling iron to see if curls on my short hair would be nice. I got lotsa compliments for that so I have to mention it here. You know! For Yabang factor.

Oh well! I’m tired. It’s a Friday and my bed is calling for me. I’ll be off to dreamland in a bit. Have a fun weekend my loves! Much love.






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