I ❤ Rock ‘n Roll!

It’s Saturday and I want to unwind. Oh work! And people at work. And my life in general! Everything is causing me headache.

Thanks to Rock of Ages that I was able to forget everything. My haggard day. My more haggard night. My even more haggard work. But well, that’s life! I’m not complaining. More than anything, I’m thankful.

So here’s what I wore on a day to mall. Ditch the heels of course. I changed into my very reliable flats after these pictures were taken. I can sacrifice everything for fashion but I won’t kill myself for it. :)

Anyway, here’s another oversized shirt that I’m sporting here. Told you I’m so into them. They are sooo much fashyown and comfortable. They are also very easy to dress up. Perfect for a day at the mall.

This is my take on being Rakista! I know I’m far from being one but here’s me trying hard. See those skulls?! That’s Rakista!!! Hahaha…

Hoping you guys a wonderful weekend. I was supposed to work but hell! It’s supposed to be my rest day and I plan to REST! Have fun guys!

rock6rock5Mantra Bracelet: the Bead Shop | Skull Connector Ring: Divisoria | Teddy Bear Connector Ring: Robinson’s Ermita | NOEL Bracelet | Neon Pink Polish: the Face Shop

rock4rock3Skull Earrings: Quiapo | Heels: Gibi Collection

rock2rock1Gray Oversized Top: Thifted | Black Maong Shorts by Two Percent


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