I got YOGI! (My Birthday Post)


I got him for my birthday!! :) Oh! The perks of having a sweet girlfriend. Harhar…

I was uberly shocked when my friends Cor and Jin approached my desk carrying this huge but sooo much cutie bear. I was speechless. And imagine how much chaos my huge bear created in the office. *blush*


Thanks G.p for Yogi! He’s the cutest, most cuddliest bear ever. I remember seeing a gigantic bear in Robinson’s Place Ermita and imagine myself carrying one. I never thought I’d actually get one. Hahaha.. Very High School ang peg. Teddies for your birthday. Yun nga lang kasing laki ko na yung bear.


Until now, Yogi’s at the office working his butt out. More like, hindi ko sya mauwi kasi hindi ko alam paano. Hahaha.. It’s great that we’ve got officemates who’s currently in Salt Lake so there’s a vacant seat for him. Kaso lagi sya pinanggigigilan ng mga bata sa office. Kaloka!

This year is one of the best-est birthday ever. My day starts with this cute Panda Cake from my officemate…


And then Cor arrived with my breakfast and a Toblerone from my Bossing (No photo)…


And then I was greeted by a cake from MATES (Jay, Blehm, Aiko, Gelo, Jin and Cor)…


And then Yogi arrived with cards and the complete set of The Hunger Games!



But on top of that, I am just so happy that I got loads of greets from my friends and family. I feel so loved and blessed. I am so maldita and very mataray but knowing that people love me despite all of my flaws is just so overwhelming. Also knowing that I got friends who’s never forgotten me even though we haven’t seen each other for ages just makes my heart jump for joy.

My life is far from being perfect. But I love it! I love the imperfections. I love the problems that go with it. And the blessing of another year is another chance to show the Lord how much I value His gift of life. I am not good girl. I know that I give our Father loads of headaches but I am thankful that even though I am a sinner, He loves me unconditionally.


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