Hello PARIS! :)


Wow! I guess it’ll be the first time that I’ll blog about my outfit on the same day I’m wearing them. :) Blame that caffeine overdose!
This past week has been hectic. I’m handling a major task and I can feel it taking its toll on me. Glad that I’ve got the craziest team. The type who can smile and laugh and make fun despite of those pile up of issues. I look like a spinning top at work. Attending to questions here and there. Though I love what I do, I kinda feel drained. Thank God I got this blog! I have an outlet of some sorts. :)
When stressed out, I have the tendency to dress up. I always tell myself that even if my day turned out like hell, I’d make sure that I looked my best in hell! :) Ano?! Haggard na sa paligid tapos haggard pa ko?! Kalurks! No no no no way!!!
I also make sure that my outfit inspires me. Just to give that good vibes that I need to face a hectic day. So this gorgeous dress (worn as top) is perfect for me. I’ve been dreaming of going to Paris one day. After I’ve explored the 7,107 islands of the Philippines. And this top reminds me of that 1 dream. Someday… Someday….
But for now, I need to focus on my work. Finish that dreadful task and move on! :)
IMG_4472White Dress with print worn as top: Random from US | Printed Skirt: Landmark | Blue Bib Necklace: Random from the streets of Manila | Teddy Bear Connector Ring: Robinson’s Place Ermita | Black Handbag: Ayla


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