Review: Dark Shadows

After my nephew’s baptismal last Sunday, G.p and I headed to the cinema to catch Dark Shadows.

Haven’t seen the trailer at all. Just the large, extremely catchy posters on Ayala underpass. Add Johnny Depp’s name on it and it’s decided.

Anyway, G.p and I are so used to watching movies without the slightest idea of what to expect because we haven’t even seen the trailer but who cares? We end up liking most of them anyway.

We thought Dark Shadows would make us scream and would make me jump off my seat. It turned out, we’re wrong! Far from being the scary movie that we expect (based of course on the movie posters), it was actually hilarious! We we’re laughing all the time. Johnny Depp is really a great actor and a perfect comedian. He’s been a funny pirate and now a hilarious vampire! Oh Johnny Depp. I love you. Hahaha..

The movie is light and funny. I specifically loved the cinematography. Oh well, I’m no expert I tell you! But the movie was set in 1700’s and then 1970’s. And on both occasions, you could really see the difference of the movie texture. You would really think you’re watching an old film.

Overall, I like it. Funny. Witty. With the right amount of action, suspense, love story and everything. Add the great cast and it’s definitely worth every penny. Vampires, warewolves, witches and ghost. Everything is here. All of those that most people love nowadays.

I can’t wait for the 2nd part!!




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