Make Your Own Havaianas 2012!

My sister, G.p and I went to the Rockwell Tent for the annual Make Your Own Havaianas event. It’s a first for us three and I must say we did enjoy! :-P I guess we’ll be adding this to our annual To Dos! :)

IMG_3987Animal Printed Sheer Top | Black Cami | Maong Shorts | Purple Slip-Ons from Bench (my fave) | Bayong from Egg | Statement Bracelet | Black Led Watch

We all had fun mix and matching. Loads of colors to choose from. At first I was like “ay! eto lang designs and colors!” but when it’s time for me to decide, I really can’t choose because there are loads of matchy matchy colors that I want. Honestly! Plus the pins and everything. Hahaha..


This year is extra special because Havaianas is celebrating their 50th year. I saw their future collections and I can’t wait to get my hands on those tribal printed ones. :) Yey for flipflops!


I just hope Havaianas would improve their quality. My recent ones are kinda not good. They snap easily. :( Unlike my Ipanemas which are all in good condition except for the fact that they look uber dirty. That’s my issue with Ipanemas anyway, dirt tend to stick on them easily and permanently no matter how hard and often you clean it. My Havaianaas are more manageable but as I’ve said, they tend to easily snap. Oh well! G.p’s anyway! But since she uses mine often, she was able to throw one of my loves to the trash.


I also had fun watching the Havs people assemble my flipflops! Hahaha.. At first I thought we’d be able to do it ourselves but I guess it’s safer that way. :)


I choose the yellow + aubergine combination while G.p opted for the Green + Ice Blue and my sissy went for the Dark Green + Silver. I added the #Happiness pin because they said I’d be able to help some kids to be happy. Any little way I can, I want to help of course! And besides, it defines how I feel everyday… Happiness! :)

Thank you so much Havaianas!! Till next year?! :-P



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