Late Lunch @ FlapJacks

G.p arrived around 1PM at my place. It was scorching hot! I had brunch earlier but when she told me she’s hungry, I literally dragged her out of the house and into the nearest mall. I was hoping for a little sanctuary the mall’s AC could give me. But to my dismay, even the mall’s AC can’t cope up with Manila’s heat!! Dreadful!

Anyway, we headed to FlapJacks. I’ve been craving for some steaks for quite some time and I decided to give in. Will go back to my “diet mode” tomorrow. Promise! :-P And it’s my post-birthday weekend lunch. So I had to enjoy right?! (Excuses! Excuses!)


Upon entering the place, we we’re greeted by the warm smile of the manager. I know she’s the manager because her uniform is different. :-) And she immediately ushered us to our seat. I tell you, little gestures like these could really make or break a customer’s mood.

flapjacks05DIY’d Navitaire’s Summer Shirt | Maong Shorts | Feather Earrings | Beaded Bracelet | Havaianas FlipFlop (from MYOH – not seen)

Anyway, I so so love FlapJacks interior. It so cozy and the vibrant. I specially love these ceiling décor! It’s clocks! Cool! I want one for my room. Or better yet, I want them ALL in my room. harhar..


G.p’s asking me to order for us. She reminded me that in our 3yrs of being together, she’s always the one who orders for both of us. Oh well! Come to think of it, choosing what food to order is never my forte. I swear, if you’ll let me decide we’ll end up having dinner instead late lunch. And besides, she’s the picky one. I eat everything! Except boiled eggs and okra and ampalaya and maruya and well, some other. hehehe…


Oh well, in the end, she helped me finalize my choices. (Natagalan siguro sa pagde-decide ko!) And so we ordered BBQ Pork Ribs and Bacon Wrapped Pork Medallion.

But when they serve us our orders, they gave us the BBQ Pork Ribs Combo instead! Knowing me, that would really pissed me off. Because I specifically told the waitress what I wanted and even pointed it to her (literally). But since, as I’ve told you earlier, the manager is so nice and smiles a lot… it was okay! I just smiled and told her what we really wanted and patiently waited for the BBQ Pork Ribs to arrive while munching on the Bacon. See?! You customer service people out there! This is how you treat customers!! hahahaha… And she apologized for serving us the wrong food and for making us wait. Which is all okay. No ruined mood! Puuuuurfect!

Now back to regular programming…

G.p and I loved the Bacon Wrapped Pork Medallion. Ours was served with Tex-Mex Rice (mexican rice according to the waitress). The Bacon, the Pork, the sauce, the veggies, the mexican rice – all perfect! We so so love it.

flapjacks06Bacon Wrapped Pork Medallion with Tex-Mex Rice (Php 365.00)

The BBQ Pork Ribs was served with fries. G.p loved the fries but didn’t like the BBQ Pork Ribs that much. She didn’t like BBQ sauce at all. Specially the kind of BBQ sauce that goes with this meal. But I like it. I like the Pork Medallion better though but this one is also a love. Just the right amount of sweetness and spice. The fries is also good. Plus the meat is tender and juicy. I think I found another resto fave!

flapjacks07BBQ Pork Ribs with Fries (Php 545.00)

Overall dining experience is Superb! I would definitely go back! Want proof that we love the food?! There! Clean plates! hahaha…



FlapJacks – Midtown Branch

Level 1 Al Fresco,

Robinson’s Place Manila Midtown





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