Here Comes Summer!

Alright! It’s official! Summer is here. It’s so hot everywhere. Even at the office, I tell you.

Anyway, I’m on a very unusual diet churva lately. Been reading about foods that doesn’t work well on my body based on my blood type. And so I haven’t eaten pork for weeks now. I haven’t eaten anything with flour as well since flour seems to cause those extra fats I’ve been sporting lately.

Of course it’s not all just because of losing weight. It seems like it’ll be extremely beneficial to me as well. I can tell that it’s working though. Have shed off some pounds for the past weeks and my friends have been noticing the big difference. I also seem to sleep well lately. Plus my allergies are getting better. See? I’m getting healthier and healthier!

I just hope I can continue with this type of lifestyle. I mean, no pork? Come on! And worst, no flour! So no burgers, pasta, breads and basically everything that I love! And since dairies are part of my no-no list, I’ve been trying to shed off dairies as well but milk is just sooo good I sometimes find myself eating stuffs with milk (ok! most of the time!). I’m sorry! And I’m soooo missing caffeine but my tea addiction is getting worst. I just hope they’d come up with a milk-less Milk Tea (is it even possible?!) because in all honesty, I can’t give up my Matcha Green Tea.

And with that, let me show you what I wore at work last week! I love my top! So much. The fabric is sooooo lovely. That top though isn’t mine. Borrowed (stolen!) from my sister! But I’d sure sneak it out more often. It’s just sooooo gorgeous!






6Striped Top in Black and White borrowed from my Sister (stolen) | Yellow Skirt from Landmark | Strappy Sandals from Mila | Black Lace Cami from Vistoria’s Secret | Silver “Platito” Earrings | Huge Silver and Yellow Ring | Silver Ring | Black Bangles | Dual Face Watch in Black Leather Straps by Paris Hilton


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