The World is a Happy Place :)

My blog is a happy place. And I would like to share happiness to my readers by keeping the Good Vibes in my site.

Fashion for me is a passion. Some may not understand my version of it (hell! even my bestfriend calls me weird) but just like religion and the many aspects of life, fashion is subjective. What for me might work won’t work for others and vice versa. I have long accepted the fact that dressing up is an everyday battle field. Fighting for the people around you who’ll call you weird, fighting against yourself because definitely, you would like to be prettier than yesterday.

I am happy that I was able to improve the fashion sense of some of my friends thru my blog. I see them everyday and I see the change in them. I am glad that eventually I was able to unleash their inner fashionista and confidence. I am glad to prove to everyone that you don’t need to look like a doll to be called fashionable. You just need to be yourself and be comfortable in your own skin.

Anyway, that’s just me saying my piece. This ends here because as I’ve said, we are on a happy place!

Now to my fashion blog! Hahaha.. Last Saturday, my friends and I went to Star City then had an amazing dinner at Mongolian. My friends are really young at heart and loves to go around and play.

I opted to wear something comfy. Of course! I’d be walking and playing and eating the whole day. And since I know we’d have feast in the evening, I opted to wear a lose top so as to hide my tummy.

IMG_1948Lose Top from a Friend (gift) | Green Shorts | Abaca Sandals | Grey Cardigan

Since I really wanna be comfy that day, I paired my lose top with one of my comfiest pair of shorts. Not to mention they’re bright and cute. But I had one dilemma that day. Cellulites! I swear, I gained so much weight that my legs are starting to have cellulites and they make me a little bit conscious. I’m sure some of you also have the same problem. My solution? Wear a long cardigan!

Swear! They’re effective in hiding the cellulites and not to mention your arms as well. Thats exactly what I did here. :-P See? You don’t need to look like Barbie to dress up. And not because you gained some weight doesn’t mean you can forget about trying to look good. The key here is to know what to wear to hide those unwanted stuffs.

IMG_1944Yellow Feather Earrings | Belt from Genevie Gozum

IMG_1947Turtle Connector Ring



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