#Shopaholic: Butterflies and Colors on my Bag!

Lately some people, or better yet, someONE has been harassing me! Someone from an IP around Caloocan, Quezon City. However, that detail is not accurate since most are already on mobile net or wireless something (no more techie please!) So to you, thank you for making me a rich girl by surfing through my blog posts! And since you sound like someone who doesn’t have class nor breeding, I would like to give you my biggest smile. :-D Mwah! I love you!

Now on to my blog. I decided to show you guys my latest find. It’s a white canvass bag with butterfly details and sequins all over. The handle is made of bamboo which gave that extra ummhhpp!

I so love the bag because it can hold sooo much stuffs and it’s not too bulky. Plus it’s so fashionable and cute. :-) All my friends are going gaga over it.

You’d surely see it on my future blog posts. Been using it for days!!

Here’s a sneak peak of the bag, just the details and all. :-) Don’t you just love the happy vibe of the bag with all the colors and the butterflies??



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