Review: ÜnOfficially Yours


I am such a John Lloyd fan. I find him adorable. And all his movies are uberly romantic.

And for the past weeks, the Twitterverse has been buzzing on the latest JL film. I’ve seen the trailer on uTube and I am very much excited to actually see the film. I know it’s just a Pinoy version of Friends with Benefits and No Strings Attached but whatever!

Anyway, me and G.p and my sister and my cousins went to the cinema to watch the latest chick flick! All girls… and it was fun!

The movie as usual is hilarious! JL’s comic stint is very much cute. I know he’s not the hunk type. So every time he’d show off some skin, we all end up laughing on his baby fats but we’re all also very much attracted to him. If you know what I mean. Add Panying, K Brosas and Tetchie Agbayani on the group and it was indeed one hell of fun! :-)

The story line is very much different on the usual love stories that we’d see on Pinoy movies. I even saw a friend post on his twitter TT “na culture shock ako sa Unofficially Yours!”. Which indeed is true. Since that friend of mine is a certified conservative. I know it is very much like Friends with Benefits in all aspects but it’s still very much original for a Pinoy film. I am very glad that they indeed made something like this. I mean, casual relationships are sooo common nowadays but loads of people refuse to discuss it. This movie shows that we Filipino’s, as much as we’d like to deny it, are indeed so different now. We are becoming more accepting on the norms of life. We are becoming more open minded. We are now fierce. We are different but our morals are still very much intact.

I love Pinoy films, specially those that try to defy the norms of life. It was such a fierce move and I loved the execution very much.

I find Angel extra gorgeous in this film. And JL as usual is adorable and cute. JL’s eyes never fail to melt me and he did exactly that in this film.

This movie is worth every penny. If not for Angel and JL’s wild “sex scenes”, at least for the extraordinary love story of Cess and Macky!

Happy Puso everyone! Hindi pa tapos ang Love month so pwede pa ko humabol! :-P

P.S.: I know my review is sooo not a review. I am not a film expert. I am just a simple girl who loves to watch movie. All of these are just my opinions.


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