It’s Jeans Day!

Friday is jeans day for us in my office. Most of my officemates would go for the casual tee + jeans on a Friday and be safe. They’d put on some sneakers and they’re ready.

But of course not me! :-) Although most of the time I opted to tame down my outfits on Fridays, I still want to be fashionable. SIMPLE and FASHIONABLE is the key here.

Like my outfit below. That’s my lamest try on being simple. I put on some jeans, my tattered blue top, some low heeled wedges plus accessories. See? SIMPLE indeed.
blog2Blue Top from a Bazaar in Eastwood | Stretch Skinny Jeans borrowed from my Sister

Simple right? But notice the little details! My top shouts fashyown. Simply fashyown. The tattered details and the sequined design on the chest. Enough for me to opt out the necklace. That’s one thing to remember, if you’ve got details or designs on the front  of your shirt, do not put on your funky necklace! You don’t want your friends to get dizzy just by looking at you and the too many designs on your chest.
blog3Yellow Feather Earrings from Divisoria

And since blue is a bit dark already, I opted to pop some color by wearing my uber cute yellow feather earrings. Again, a pop of color here and there wont hurt. Just don’t overdo it or you’ll end up like a clown.
blog4Green Beaded Bracelets | Silver Cuffs | Bear Connector Ring | Love Connector Ring

I stayed on the metal themed accessories and another pop of color, this time a bit darker that the yellow one, a green bracelet. They are perfect for my simple peg.
blog1Black Open-toe Pumps from Confetti | Yellow Handbag from HerBench

I decided to bring my bright yellow bag and complete the outfit with my black wedge pumps – low-heeled and comfy. Whoever says you can’t be simple and fashionable? Remember, in dressing up, every detail matters. We don’t like to overdo things or be under dressed. Be mindful of the colors and the accessories. Also, be comfortable in what you wear. :-) Wear things that would make you happy. Know your body type and be mindful of the venue always.
Hope you all liked my outfit today! Take note of the extensions. I have long curly hair once again.

P.S.: Thanks to my sissy for my outfit shots. Kumusta naman ang posing ko sa labas? Walang pakielam sa mga dumadaan? I really think I need a tri-pod. Must invest on one. I need to be as independent as possible. I’ve been asking kids to take my pictures recently. Kawawa ako.


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