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Here’s what I wore on my Doctor’s visit…
If you’re a reader of my blog (then you’re probably a friend of mine), you would know I’m such a sickly person! In tagalog, sakitin! (Not sure if sickly is even a valid word!) But lately, I’m doing all measures to take care of my body and a doctor’s appointment is almost a weekly thing for me.
So for my “about-to-visit-the-doctor” look, I decided to wear a spaghetti strap top with ruffles, white shorts and a short cardigan.
Usually doctors try to listen to your heartbeat and your lungs so the top is perfect. I just have to remove the cardigan and my doctor could freely listen to whatever it is they want to hear from the insides of my body. And since I’m scheduled for and x-ray then, I made sure that the top I’m wearing doesn’t have metals on them so I don’t need to remove it. I also made sure to drop the necklace and just went for my colorful beaded bracelets. Nothing more. Then I put on my comfiest pair of flats and my lovely bag and I’m all set! Sinong mag-aakalang sakitin ako? Wala!
What do you guys think?! :-)
By the way, this is the cheapest look I ever pulled off. Except for the bag, all of the things I’m wearing here are from Bazaars and the streets of Paco.
Here’s my entire outfit details:
  1. Blue Striped Ruffled Top (Php150) from the streets of Paco
  2. White Shorts (Php 100) from a Bazaar
  3. Black Short Cardigan (Php 150) from a Bazaar
  4. Blue Rubber Flats (Php 50) from Taft Avenue sidewalk
  5. Beaded Bracelet (from a friend) from Boracay
  6. Thick Beaded Bracelet from a friend (free!)
  7. Silver Crown Ring from G.p (free!)
I swear! I didn’t realize my entire outfit costs less than Php 500 minus the bag. Hahahaha.. See? You don’t need to spend much in dressing up! Just be confident and don’t be afraid to mix and match!
Have a great day everyone!!!
Much Love, Reigne.


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