Feeling Animalistic!

Sorry for being MIA! Haven’t touched Blue Ice for centuries! I’m too tired to even bother. Let alone blog. Been updating my social networking sites via Rachel and that made me love her more.

Aaaaanyway, I’m back and I’ve got tons of backlogs to TRY to finish (though it has been an almost impossible thing to do).

Let me share with you first one of my office outfits. I bought a lovely leopard print oversized shirt and I’ve been trying to partner it with almost all of the items in my wardrobe! And one day, I guess I succeeded!






6Leopard Print Sheer Oversized Shirt | Metallic Brown Skirt | Striped Button-down Top | Black Strappy Wedge | Drop Earrings in Blue and Gold | Cuff in Black and Gold | Gold Ring

It’s print-on-print!! Yey! You could never really go wrong with stripes + animal prints. They look so good together! I also love the Pop of Color of my Blue Top. I never thought Blue and Brown is a match made in heaven. I was a bit hesitant in matching the two but the moment I saw the pictures, I was like…WOW!

Again, I kept my accessories to the minimum. The focal point of my entire outfit is my animalistic Top so piling on too much accessories is a no-no! Just the basic cuff and ring and my blue earrings and I’m all set.

I just so love my peg! What do you guys think?

P.S.: Thanks to my cousin for the outfit shots! And btw, see that owner type jeepney I’m sitting on? That’s the one I bought for my Papa! Wala lang! Masabi lang!


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