So Pink!

Forgive me! I can’t think of a better blog title. I’m currently on my sick bed. Wasn’t able to go to work since Friday. First because of intense body pains caused by my new hobby (G-Y-M) and now because I’m a woman! Yes! Dysmenorrhea it is.

Anyway, I wore this some time last week. And when G.p saw it, she told me it’s the worst outfit ever! :-p I guess the fash-yown goddess failed me that day. hahahaha.. But whatever! It’s not bad to wear something not so great sometimes. I’m off to my sick bed again, just check out my outfit photos and feel free to comment. Hahaha..

IMG_1699Huge Oval Ring with Stone | Bronze Bangles with stones and flower details | Mantra Bracelet

IMG_1700Purple Beaded Bracelet | Square Silver Ring | Crown Silver Ring

IMG_1705Pink Dress | Grey Checkered Cardigan | Brown Belt

IMG_1713-horzBrown Ballet Flats (Php 50.00 ONLY!) that you can find in Manila Streets!






 You might also notice that we have finally found a better location! Yey! Like the background? :-) Makati buildings are beautiful indeed. And meet, my ever patient friend and photog… Cor! Thanks love!



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