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The moment I got my on hands on my gorgeous blue necklace that I mentioned here, I have been dying to wear it. I was initially thinking of wearing it on some special occasion but the silly me just found myself building my entire outfit based on the necklace the following day. Excited much!
So for my outfit… since the necklace shouts elegance and sophistication and blue and nature and love, I wore a simple tube midi-dress and matched it with a brown wide belt. I looked like I’m about to go to the prom! But I really think I haven’t dressed up for quite some time so I surely think this outfit is so fitting.
All my accessories are all on the blue, brown and native style pieces to have that matchy-matchy look. Though I think blue and brown are too dark already so I finish my outfit with a white cardigan and a pair of bronze sandals. I opt out the heels because I already looked too fab and formal. This is me trying to tame down my look. nyahahaha…
I love playing with colors and experimenting on my look. I’m weird like that. I just hope I’ll lose some more pounds. I kinda lose a little after getting sick for a week but I really want to go back to my old self so I can wear my outfits again. :’( It must be old age and matakaw friends. But I am determined to achieve that gorgeous body in time.
Here’s my prom/aattend-ng-kasal look. :-)
IMG_1831Blue Tube Midi-Dress | Vintage White Cardigan
IMG_1830Wide Brown Belt | Bayong Handbag from EGG
IMG_1832-horzBlue Bib Necklace | Huge Native Ring | Blue Stud Earrings
IMG_1840Bronze Sandals | Blue Green Nail Polish


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