Review: Underworld 4 (Awakening)


Ever since we saw the trailer of the 4th installment of the Underworld series, G.p has been telling me that we’d watch it definitely. And since I haven’t seen any of the previous Underworlds, she bought DVDs of the 3 for us to have our Underworld marathon in preparation of the up coming one.
I there say, I understand why G.p has been bugging me about the film. After watching the first 3, I was also dying to know the next chapter of Selene and Michael’s life.
We initially want to see it in iMax like MI4 (Ghost Protocol) but since I’m down with flu this past week, we’re not able to pre-book. Plus SM MOA is quite far from our place. So we just settled in watching it in 3D, which actually is great but I guess seeing it in iMax would be superb. :-(
I can’t tell what the movie is all about coz I don’t wanna be a spoil sport or whatever. Though one thing I can assure you guys, Kate is awesome! The fight scenes are superb. I really love how Kate manages to do it with class and style that’s truly Vampire-like. (As if I’ve seen a vampire ever!) I swear. She’s just so calm and fierce!
The effects are also nicely done. The effects of 3D is ok but I was not really overwhelmed. I guess I’d feel it more really if it’s in iMax.
Though it’s sooo bitin! G.p just sat there after the film waiting for the after-credits. Haha.. I guess they’ll have the 5th installment brewing already. I can’t wait to see Michael though. :-P


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