Review: Manila Kingpin, the Untold Story of Asiong Salonga (MMFF 2011)


The first time I’ve heard of it was on an office Spam Thread Email. We’re talking about what film to watch for MMFF when a guy officemate suggested Kingpin, and all of us are like “eeeeewww!”. Swear! I am guilty of the same reaction cause I haven’t heard of the film at all! Well, that’s not unlikely cause I seldom watch telly. But still, just the mere title suggested it was that “typical action film”.

Now every time I remember that incident I can’t help but feel so much guilty *face palm*. I swear I won’t be judgmental EVER again! ‘Coz honestly, THIS IS ONE HELL OF A GREAT MOVIE! That is coming from someone who’ve watched so many movies this year I lost count already. Ever since I went out with G.p, I have been watching movies like there’s no tomorrow. Been buying DVDs here and there. Been a regular on most cinemas. And for the first time in my entire existence, been updated with the latest movies. We had the privilege of watching Rosario last year, which honestly deserved that Best Picture trophy and Jennilyn Mercado, in all honesty, deserved that Best Actress award; and we’re like WOW! We never thought that an action film would be of the same quality.

The movie is superb. Shot in entirely Black and White which just seals in the EPIC vibe of the film. People are asking me how it feels watching in black and white. Honest? After like 5 minutes, I totally forgot it’s not colored! Swear! Though it’s black and white, it is indeed of very much high quality. The images are sharp and well defined, that you would forget you’re not seeing colors at all.

The entirety of the film is very much classy. Though some of the dialogues are quite off, but when you think about it, the setting is on the 1940’s-1950’s! Common’! People are on that era are actually a bit off! They speak a bit off. I could tell, because I’ve watched a couple of old movies as well and I can’t help but laugh most of the time because of the way people act then. So I guess, the movie just stays true to what they are trying to imply.

The actors are also very very very good. Carla Abellana has always been my favorite and she doesn’t disappoint me here. She’s gorgeous and very much talented. John Regala well deserved that trophy for he is indeed a revelation in this film. I hate him to the core while watching him portray Totoy Golem. All of Asiong’s sidekicks are indeed very talented. Even Amay Bisaya is hilarious. And of course, we all know George Estregan is one hell of an actor. He’s done a great job here. I honestly thought it’ll be jologs to watch him play Asiong but he is soo totally not! He is perfect for the role actually. Considering that Asiong himself is like that “goony-goony” type of guy. Though G.p and I thinks that if the producers wants sell-ability on the film, a great option would be Dennis Trillo. Imagine Dennis doing all those Asiong moves? It’s great right? But I guess the producers doesn’t want that matinee vibe on Asiong. But of course, a girl can’t hope enough. Hahaha..

Until now, G.p and I are still on the Asiong mood and funny as it may sound but we are still mimicking all of Asiong’s moves. Or more like, G.p’s still doing all those Asiong moves. Swear! She would call me Erning Tutpik, sometimes Fidela or at times Totoy Golem. She would do all of those “bang! bang!” moves and everything. Hilarious but cute.

My verdict? A must see movie. Tangkilikin natin ang sariling atin. Don’t be judgemental for heaven’s sake. Not because you watched Kingpin doesn’t mean you’re jologs. Or not because you watch Pinoy films doesn’t mean you have low taste in Films. Actually, in all honesty, we have loads of great films! Way better than Hollywood I tell you! And Kingpin is one of them. Appreciate the art, the beauty behind the film. Most critics are just like that. Critics! Watch and see for yourself.

P.S.: This blog post is dedicated to Asiong's number 1 fan. My love.


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