Review: Chicken Savory

This one’s an old favorite. You can never go wrong in this resto. They have like the yummiest chicken ever. :-) Although there are loads of yummy dishes here, let me share with you my top 3 picks.

First. (Imagine drumroll here) Their PANCIT CANTON!


I actually prefer Bihon over Pancit Canton but this one is another story. They have like the super yummy Pancit Canton you’ll forget you ever liked Bihon better. Hahahaha…

Second. (Drumroll here again) Their Crispy Fried Chicken!


As I’ve said, this place is well-known for their chicken. Once you’ve tried it, you’d understand what the fuzz is all about. They have an authentic recipe for fried chicken that makes the chicken juicy, yummy and tasty.

Third. (Drumroll once again, to be fair lang! hahaha) Their Yang Chow Fried Rice!


Their Yang Chow is really perfect for me. They’re not too salty like some. Not too bland or oily too. Just perfect. Really perfect. And I love them with the chicken. :-) Match made in heaven really!

So there! Try to visit one of their branches if you’re craving for some Chinese. :-)


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