Review: C Fu Asian Cooking

I received something in the mail today that’s worth celebrating. So G.p and I tried this Asian restaurant right in front of Robinson’s Ermita. We’re actually thinking of where to eat when G.p saw the huge banner outside C Fu showing some yummy prawns and it’s decided. We’ll have those prawns for dinner!


The moment we entered, we’re immediately ushered to our seat and served with their house tea (Ceylon Tea specifically, I know coz I asked! :-P). We had Singapore Cereal Prawns (which we saw on the banner outside) and Yang Chow fried rice. According to them, their serving is good for 2-3 persons. And the moment our orders arrived, I realized they’re lying! Their servings are actually huge enough for 3-4 persons! We also had Almond Milk Tea.

IMG_1753House Tea (Ceylon Hot Tea)

IMG_1752Almond Milk Tea (Php 75)

Overall, the meal is yummy. Though their Yang Chow is not the best one I tried but it’s ok. It’s actually very tasty. I guess I’m just so used to Chinese restaurants serving uberly yummy food that for me it’s just typical to be served with delicious yang chow.

IMG_1767Yang Chow Fried Rice (Php 200.00)

But since it’s the first time I tried Singapore Cereal Prawns, I would say I loved it. I loved that the cereal compliments the prawn. It has that very light sweetness in it that I so love. Though G.p find it hard to eat it because the prawns still had their shells on. So, naghimay ako ng bongga!

IMG_1768Singapore Cereal Prawns (Php 380.00)

I would love to try their other dish and maybe some dimsum. We would definitely go back!

C Fu: Asian Cooking

Pedro Gil St., Malate

(Right in front of Robinson’s Ermita)



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