Prints + Stripes + Checks

Here’s what I wore on my IPL session last Saturday.


I swear I didn’t think it’d be this cute! As much as I would like to tell you guys I’m Fashyown that way, it’s actually just a product of accidence. I just wanted a sleeveless outfit with cardigan so I could easily take off my cardigan during IPL session to avoid the hassle of me taking off my shirt. And then I saw this oversized boyfriend shirt (overused actually) that I wore here and it matched my sleeveless dress!


I’m such a huge fan of Print-on-Prints and I love playing on them. I’m so happy I did a great job here. (At talagang I claimed na I did a great job diba?) Anyway, I add the belt to make my dress more girly. And to top it all off, I used my Banig Mini Shoulder Bag that I got from my Cebu Tour. The bag is sort of checkered but it’s also blue (which by the way is my fave color lately, blame the gorgeous nail polish!). I honestly thought of using my solid blue handbag but I guess adding another print won’t hurt. And I honestly love that it looked great.


Of course, I wore my now-favorite sandals (Christmas gift from Mila)! It’s comfy and Fashyown. Simple. I guess you could never really go wrong on strappy sandals.


I also lie-low on my accessories. Lately, I’ve been doing that. Turning minimalistic when it comes to accessories. I don’t know. I guess I just wanted people to focus more on my outfit or the overall peg. So there!

blog8Dress from Mint | Oversized Boyfriend Shirt | Banig Mini Shoulder Bag | Grey Belt | Strappy Sandals | Dangling Earrings | Skull Connector Ring | Huge Oval Ring | Purple HTC ChaCha

Hope you all liked my peg! :-) Btw, I would like to thank G.p for this awesome pics! I looked gorgeous in each and everyone of them.


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