Lazy Sweats

I went on SL for a weak because I was down with flu. So on my first day back to work, I was really not in the mood to dress up. I just wanted something comfy and warm.

What did I wear on my just ‘got a little better so I’m back for work day’?

IMG_1796Gray Cardigan | White Top | Black Leggings

I of course put on some leggings and cardigans that look/feels like a sweater. :-P Is there anything more warm and comfy that a sweater and leggings? Hahaha.. I also ditched my heels and went for my uber comfy leather slippers that I got from Marikina for only Php180! It feels like I’m just home working on my laptop!

IMG_1799-horzLeather Slippers from Marikina (Php 180)

I also didn’t put on too much accessories because I honestly can’t make my brain function that morning I can’t bear to think which one goes with another. So I just opted for some funky necklace and rings, and I’m good to go!

Oh I must say I love how my green star necklace stands out! I feel like my outfit is soo much gray and black, so a little pop of color is nice and happy!

IMG_1782Green Star Necklace | Turtle Connector Rings

IMG_1792Furry Rabbit Necklace from Divisoria (Php 80)

BUT, I learned that we’re supposed to go to the airport that afternoon to do some client visit!!! Oh my!

It’s so great that I keep a pair of heels on my pedestal. I just leave it there and a pair of slippers also just in case I need one. Girl scout much?

I tell you! A perfect pair of heels really do wonders! They could turn any lazy outfit into fab just like that. Oh whatta life saver they are. And It’s also good that what I have is a pair of wedges that’s uber comfy. I mean 4 hours of walking in the airport is no joke for someone who’s still dizzy because of all the antibiotics that I’m taking.

IMG_1775Black Wedges | My Old Lacoste Handbag


I look fab right? Oh well! I think I do. Those pair of heels are such life savers. :-) I tell you,I won’t forgive myself for a fashion disaster even if I’m sick. Nyahaha…

IMG_1774Those are my officemates strolling on T3! It makes me wanna board the plane and fly somewhere where with Sand, Sun and Sea!


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