I’m not afraid of Colors

I’m very colorful on my second day back at work. I woke up not feeling well again so I decided to dress up and wore something to uplift my spirit. Naks!
blog 2Colorful Striped Cotton Dress (Vintage) | Grey Belt | Vintage Black Cardigan

Though my peg shouts SUMMER on a cold January day, it honestly helps me to feel a bit better. Plus, my cotton dress is so comfy. Perfect for my ‘just got better look’.
If you’ll check my wardrobe, you’ll see loads of items that can be worn on different occasions. As a thrift shopper and a very kuripot fashionista, it is important that our wardrobes are flexible. I do loads of Mix and Match and I accessorize. Take this dress for example, this is actually a summer cotton dress that I bought for my summer outings at the beach. But put on some belt and throw on some cardigan, and voila! I got myself a work outfit. That’s’ exactly what I did here and here.
Drop Earrings from Divisoria | Silver Layered Necklace | Silver Bracelet | Mantra Bracelet | Blue Green Nail Polish

Accessories also play a great part here. If you think your dress has that casual look but you want them worn on your business days, wear accessories that are more sophisticated and business-like. Wear something simple in gold or silver and keep your accessories to a minimum. Just the basics so you won’t look like a Christmas tree or something.
blog post 1
blog 5
Know what makes this outfit perfect?
Just take off the cardigan and you’re good to go for a night out!
The belt really nailed it. Versatility is the key here I guess. And girls, never be afraid of colors. I noticed that most girls tend to ward off on bright colors for some reason. Hey! Splash of colors are great and fun. So don’t be afraid to wear your colors. I know that black and white are so safe but those are dull.
Apologies for the photos. Hahahaha.. I asked my 9 yr old cousin to take my outfit shots on my room. Yup! My room is colorless. I love the wood on my wall I can’t afford to color them. And apologies for the messy bed as well. I just got home and well. Well, my bed is always messy anyway. >:)
P.S. I wore grey pumps at work to match my belt. I avoid to add another color on my very colorful peg so there! Sorry it’s not on the photos, I can’t wear shoes on my bed! Silly. Hehehe….


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