Review: MondoJuice

G.p and I had a quick stop at Robinson’s Galleria last Saturday to have our 3rd IPL session at La Estetica. It was a hectic day for both of us since we had other commitments and appointments. Add the bad weather and we’re both a little edgy.

But when I passed by Mondo Juice and saw their gigantic poster showcasing a very yummy looking sandwich, we both stopped. Haha..

I instantly felt extremely hungry so we decided to try it out. We just ordered 1 Chicken Caesar Sandwich (cut in halves) and a Regular Iced Tea.

The sandwich is uber yummy. According to the info written on their walls, they baked their bread themselves to ensure 100% freshness of their sandwich. Cool huh? That’s why I guess their sandwich is really different. Their bread doesn’t taste like the regular ones that we can get on the grocery. Theirs is a little bit crunchy on the outside but uber soft on the inside. I honestly can’t describe it properly. Basta masarap! Their iced tea also taste different. It has this hint of vanilla and some lemon. Again, I can’t describe how it taste like but I can assure you that I loved it! :-)

I really wanna go back there! Maybe soon. Yey!





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