Review: Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol

Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol
I am not a Tom Cruise fan. Maybe my mother is, but definitely not me! I actually kinda don’t like him. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just that there are some people that you really don’t like for no reasons at all. People say he’s gorgeous and uberly handsome, but I really think he’s not! I don’t watch any of his movies no matter how great they are. I just can’t stand watching him.
But then, I saw Mission Impossible 4. And my world turned upside down. The first time I saw the trailer, I can’t deny the chemistry between Tom and Me. :-P I told myself, I HAVE TO WATCH THIS!
So last Saturday, G.p treat me to the cinema. Not just the regular ones I tell you! We watched MI4 in iMax!
My verdict? Let me put it this way, this movie made me fall inlove with Tom Cruise. :-)
I love the action, the suspense, the plot… everything! I just loved it. And now G.p just bought me a copy of MI1-3! Nyay!
I won’t be a spoil sport but I am giving you my word. This movie is worth it! Paying extra bucks for iMax is uber worth it. That’s how much I enjoyed the film. And that is coming from someone who used to not like Tom Cruise. Nyaks!


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