Happy 7th Boi!!!

Exactly 7 yrs ago, God blessed our family with his best gift ever, a little angel named Newel Irvin Lance.

People who knew me would know how important that little angel is in my life. You can’t love me without loving him first.

He is someone extremely special. Not only because he has special needs and requires special attention but also because he brought so much joy into our lives.

People knew me as someone strong. But I am not always like this. Those who knew me from way back then, when I am just a simple, insecure little girl, would know how much I transformed from being that little girl into a mature young woman who needs to be strong for her brother. That little boy, that little bundle of joy made me realize how strong I can be. That I am capable of handling so much.

He made me realize how much lucky we both are for having a family like ours. He made me value my family more. He brings us closer to each other. Because we know that at the end of the day, only our love for each other would matter.

Our little baby thought me to appreciate the little things. Like a baby’s cry or a kid’s laughter or the fact that he can do beautiful eyes or that he loves cakes and ice creams. Those little details that most moms fail to recognize or appreciate are the things that we value so much.

I am extremely grateful for having him as my brother. As my own little baby. I have long accepted the fact that I’ll be taking care of him as long as he needs me and as long as I live. Today, I glorify the Lord our GOD for giving us our lucky charm. I thank the Lord for the best 7 yrs with him and is praying for more years to come.

I wont pray him to cured of his sickness but I am praying for him to be a little better. I am praying for my family’s good health so we can all be strong enough to take care of him. Though deep in my heart I am still wishing for a miracle to happen but if that miracle won’t come, I am still grateful because we have him.

A lot of times I wish he is normal. But most of the time I am simply just grateful for his smiles and laugh and “beautiful eyes”.

To the little man who never fails to make me absolutely happy… HAPPY 7TH BIRTHDAY MY BABY!!! Mimi Ate will always love you. I promise to take care of you. And I promise to do everything to make you happy.

boi boi


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