Good Morning Rapunzel

I slept last night with an aching body. Everything normal. I tweet. I checked my Facebook. Blogged. Just the normal.

And then I woke up and I’m Rapunzel…


Nyahaha.. I know! I know! You would have asked me where I got that long curly hair of mine when just hours ago I only have my sleek short hair. :-) Let me tell you!

My uncle woke me up early and told me to take a bath and he simply put extensions on my hair. Hahaha.. Early in the morning, we are both cramped up trying to fix this messy hair of mine and giving me a new look! Everybody at work we’re so shocked. I was initially wearing pants but I changed into a more girly outfit after the hair do to match it with my look.

Strappy Sandals from Mila

White Dress with Black Lace Detail from Mint | Black Cardigan from a Bazaar
Mantra Bracelet | Rings from a Bazaar | Silver Dolphin Necklace


So, how is it? Did you like it? I absolutely adore my new wavy hair. I swear. But I have to remove them later tonight as they are only clipped under my short hair. But anyway, it feels great to look different once in a while. And for no reason at all!! :-)

Saw these adorable kids at the Ayala Triangle. I love them to bits!!

As for my outfit, as I’ve said I wore something girly and flattering. But again, I kept my accessories to a minimum. Just a huge ring and my usual stuffs. It’s not really noticeable but I’m actually wearing some pearl studs. Really simple but elegant. So me! :-)


P.S.: For more photos, go here.


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