And I Cut Them All Away!

They say, when girls got broken hearted, stressed out, feeling a little bit insecure, insanely happy or simply sad… the first thing they do is get a new DO! :-)

Last week… I acted exactly like a girl. At almost 11PM, I went to my Tita’s Salon and asked her to cut my waist-long hair. As in I asked him to cut them all away! He was a bit hesitant at first. I’ve always had a long hair you see. And I just had my hair fixed recently. I have a long, shiny, straight hair that most envy. So why cut?

I don’t know. When people would ask me why the sudden change of look, I always say… I just got a little crazy one evening and allowed a crazier hairstylist to cut it. But I guess it must be because I want to be free. Free from all the pains, insecurities, stress… free from everything.

I had positive feedback from friends about my new look. Lots say they liked it better. So guys feel free to judge me. I personally liked it. I love how my Tita managed to make my face smaller with the pixie cut. :-) Such a genius. I love him to bits!

So guys, presenting…



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