#RandomActOfKindness: Give a Book, Give Knowledge

How many of you here have friends whose favorite bonding moments include collecting books for less fortunate kids, having a story-telling session with them, raising funds to help them go to school and spending lunch breaks watching kids dance and sing? None?!! Oh my! Poor you!

I am very fortunate to be friends with these people who care not only for themselves but gives time and effort and love to others.

It all started with a simple book drive. My friend has spearheaded a project that aims to collect books for the children of Food for Hungry Minds School. Being a certified bookworm and being someone who truly understands the importance of reading, I gave my 100% support. And of course, our entire Barkada made sure that we are all part of this project. All of us spread the news and helped collect the books. We also helped in arranging them and packing. I am extremely happy to be a part of something that will surely make a difference.

They say, a random act of kindness would surely make you happy. I say, I couldn’t agree more. This Give a Book, Give Knowledge project is just a start of a series of kindness that we all aim to spread. Isn’t it rewarding to know and feel that your efforts would help a lot of kids? That although you are not a billionaire who can start a foundation of some sorts, you can help by just giving your time, effort and old books to kids who can’t afford them.

I always say that if I ever win the lottery I will donate a part of the money to charity. But it is extremely rewarding to know that I don’t need to wait for that lucky day that I’ll hit the jackpot, today I can make a difference. Today, I can donate to charity. Today, I can do a Random Act Of Kindness. And today, I can spend the best times of my life with my friends who care for others as much I do.

I am one lucky girl! Thanks Jay, Blehm, Aiko, Jin, Cor and Gelo! And to my entire NSQA family. You made volunteering fun! Oh diba? Ang saya ng trip natin!! Madami pa tayong projects… magtatanim pa tayo ng mga puno at gagawa ng bahay (basta ako magpipintura). Sa ngayon, mangolekta muna tayo ng mga laruan. Bonding time na naman pag naglinis at nagbalot tayo.












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