Prints on Prints

I spent my last long holiday weekend getting updated with the fashion bloggers I follow. I noticed that most of them, if not all, are so in love with the idea of prints on prints!
I may be bold and fashion forward but one fashion rule I always stick to is the “no-print-on-print”. I grew up thinking that you must NEVER pair your flowery top with your checkered pants. I mean, spell C-H-A-O-S??
But I think, like all the rest of the world, fashion is changing. There are people who go against the rule and succeeded. GENIUS indeed. So I tried my luck on prints-on-prints department and here’s what I came up with.
IMAG0220Purple and Gray Canvass Dress from Solo | Fur Cardigan in Stripes that I got from a Bazaar | Black Peep-toe Pumps | Wide Belt
I wore my purple Solo dress (also worn here) and paired it with these uber lovely fur cardigan in stripes. Notice that I opted to match the painting-like prints of my dress with the bold stripes of the cardigan so as not to have chaotic look that I feared.
IMAG0226Crack Nail Polish by Nail Up in Green
Again, accessories play a very important part on every girl’s look. So here, I opted to ditch necklaces and go with the wide belt. Since I am still on the obese stage of my life, I go for the belt to help me have the much needed curves. And I think I nailed it on this outfit! *evil laugh*
I also added a connector ring and a basic black bangle. I am still not yet confident with the print-on-print idea that I put accessories to the minimum as to avoid looking like a Christmas Tree. hahaha..
However, since my motif is more on the black-white-grey shade, I decided to pop some color by having my nail polished in bright green. Tricky huh!
IMAG0212Accessories: Gold and Black Hoop Earrings | Gold and Black Bangles | Skull connector ring in Bronze
I super love this look. Yihee.. And because of that, I got really inspired on the print-on-print idea that you’ll find me experimenting on this more. Watch out for future posts.. :-P
P.S.: Thanks to my friend Cor for being my ever patient photog. :-) Photos are all taken using my HTC ChaCha. Not bad I told you!


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