It was a week after my Cebu-Bohol trip when I wore this love…
Looked kinda familiar? Oh yes! You’ve seen it here. I wore this on my Cebu day tour. I only did a minor change by adding a grey belt to achieve that “smart casual look” since I wore this at work. :-) I actually paired it with my black wedges (worn here) while inside the building to complete my office look but I changed into these very comfy abaca sandals later in the evening on my way home. I also have my white glasses on and my yellow handbag to add color to my black ensemble.
Little Black Dress (scoop neck with sleeves) from the US | Grey Belt from Divisoria | Abaca Sandals from a Bazaar | Yellow Handbag from Bench | Pink Lunchbox bag from Landmark

I’m still borderline obese on this photos (oh well, I still am now!) and very tan (negra) but I hope you still liked my look.
If there’s one thing every girl should learn from the Duchess of Cambridge herself, Kate Middleton, is that it’s okay to repeat outfits. Mix-and-match is every girl’s best friend. We must get pieces that could be worn on different occasions like this dress. Since it’s very light and breezy, it can be worn while on tour but could also serve as an office attire. Take note that the dress length is on the “safe” side. Meaning, it’s not too short for work or too long for a tour or maybe a simple day at the mall. ;-)
I’m trying to keep it up with my blogging but my overwhelming Cebu and Bohol photos are really keeping me busy! Plus my work is not helping at all, with all those EMRs and certification deadlines I am really dead tired once I got home that the only thing I can do is tweet! hahaha..


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