G.p and I decided to have a “supposedly” quick stop at the mall to have lunch. However, being me, we ended up checking out almost every stall.

Anyway, we passed by a little trinket stall that caught G.p’s attention because of an odd-looking star necklace. But my eyes got glued on their Mantra Bracelets! I saw something similar worn by a fashion-blogger so I was very eager to check them out.

G.p saw a bracelet that says “I’m a rock star.” so obviously, she got that one. She wanted me to have the “Blogger.” mantra bracelet but I really don’t like the actual bracelet design. I was looking for something that says FREEDOM but they don’t have any. The salesman was telling me to have a customized one but I need to wait for days. I was already disheartened when G.p told me that she saw a perfect Mantra for me. :-P

Guess what it says?



Yup! Mine says… “I’m a little rascal.” Do you guys agree?

Now G.p and I have a couple’s bracelet of some sorts. Sweetness!


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