Little Purple Dress

I got this cute dress ages ago from Page. G.p bought me this when she noticed that I can’t get my hands off this love but is very hesitant to buy because it seems to be a little too ruffled (too much ruffles on the dress). haha..

Anyway, this is what I wore on my first day back at work after my very fun vacay!


I was a little too lazy to dress up so I chose a dress that stands out on her own. I just paired it with my very reliable grey cardigan (the dress is sleeveless), black flats, violet garter bracelets and no make up! Voila! I stand out.

All my girl friends go gaga over the dress. My guy friends on the other hand teased me by telling me I looked like a contestant for Dance Olympics or something. :-P Oh how I love them!

Anyway, I love the fact that I still manage to be fashionable even on my lowest moment. hahaha.. Read: tinatamad bumalik sa trabaho pagkatapos ng bakasyon!


I was trying to hide the double chin but I guess it only made my face rounder than usual. I look like an ensaymada but who cares??? Alright! I do! hahah..

IMG_0206Purple Sheered Dress from Page | Black Flats from Divisoria | Grey Cardigan from a bazaar | Garter Beaded Bracelet from a bazaar


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