I’m a Rock Star!!!

Another fashion blog guys… SORRY! As I’ve said countless times already, I’ve been keeping up with my blogging but I guess I’m not doing any good here as my pile seems to grow everyday! hahaha.. But I’ll try.. REALLY TRY!

Anyway, G.p have this very gorgeous top/vest with a rock star feel complete with that very MJish look of embellished shoulder pads that I’m dying to wear! (Stole the top and secretly wore it for work! hahaha .. Said sorry after anyways!)


Initially, I planned to wear this one on a Friday and pair it with a nice fitting jeans and equally drop-dead gorgeous heels! Can you imagine it? Very Rihanna I tell you!

imagePhoto grabbed from Google.

However, I also have this very pretty A-line pink skirt that I haven’t used for quite some time now…


And so you guessed it right! I made the most unusual outfit match and come up with a Rockstar-girlish-smart casual-look!


I love the way this outfit made me look ssooo sexy with that unbelievably small waist because of the top, that “illusion” of bigger boobs created by the collar that rest right on top of my chest and very full hips because of the A-line skirt. The sleeves is also perfect for making my ridiculously large arms look a bit smaller. Agree??


I also love the fact that the top complimented my skirt to achieve that business look that I’m aiming since I’m wearing it for work. I’ve used my black peep toe pumps to complete my smart ensemble for the day.


Accessories is another major factor in dressing up. So I’ve decided to  combine rockstar and formal accessories. Since I already have green on my skirt, I opted to use my beaded bracelet for the rockstar look and since I’m wearing pink, I also wore my pink studded bronze bangles with matching ring. I added another huge oval ring to complete my attire. I chose not to wear necklace or earrings as to avoid looking like a walking Christmas tree. Remember.. I am still vying for that business casual look so over-accessorizing is a big no-no!

IMG_0226      IMG_0225






My girl Jin, whose also wearing a skirt that day posed with me! :-) Hahaha.. Inggitera much! So here’s us posing for Cor! Thanks anyway to my Cor for being my photog! Love you both loads!

     IMG_0209         IMG_0210



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