Review: There You’ll Find Me by Jenny B. Jones


“In all these things, I am more than victorious through Him who loves me.”

I was scanning thru a list of books to request for my first ever Book Sneeze Review when I stumbled upon this very intriguing front cover. And scanning on the book’s plot, I told myself “This is it!”.

I am such a fan of young love. I believe they are the most innocent and most real kind of love. This book tells the most real and most innocent young love and so much more…

The story is all about a young girl named Finley Sinclair. Daughter of a hotel magnate and sister of CNN breakthrough reporter who was killed by the terrorist in Afghanistan 2 years ago. Her brother, Will, was murdered when his brother was trying to do good and obey God’s will in spreading love and peace. Her brother’s death tore her family and broke Finley’s faith in God.

Now as she was trying to create a song for his brother by going to the land that changed his brother’s life forever, she found not only the ending of her song but also the ending of her miseries and the answers to her questions.

This is a story of a girl who tries to find God by following her brother’s footsteps. A girl who found love on the most uncommon place. A girl who witnessed death twice but witnessed it differently. The first broke her while the latter made her whole. But both brought her closer to God.

This is a story of a young lady who’ve been through a lot but manages to step up and keep up. A young lady who bravely fought her battle called life.

This is a story of a young man who found a girl that changed his life. A young man who at first was very unsure of who he is but found himself in love with the same girl who taught her what is real.

This is a story of an old woman who sacrificed everything for her family but was consumed of guilt and pain and sorrow.

This is a story of a father and son who was torn apart by fame, money and fortune.

This is a story of two families. One has everything money has to offer but suffered too much pain because of the lost a family member. While the other shows that no matter how simple life is, as long as you’re together, you will always be happy. And this family shared their joy with two lost young souls.

This is a story of God who once again proven to us that we might think He is not listening to all our pleas but in reality, He does. All we’ve got to do is listen more carefully. Listen with our open minds and kind heart. Listen to Him talking to us through the clouds, the trees, the people around us.

This is a story who not only made me smile, made me laugh, made me cry at times but most of all this is a story who made me realize how lucky I am for having my family. This is a story who reminded me to have faith in God and never question his will. This is a story who reminded me that whenever I feel too much burden on my shoulders, all I have to do is tell myself that I am victorious over all things because I have a loving God who would take away all my pains and all my worries.

Kudos to Jenny B. Jones for this wonderful novel. I can feel that God has been with you while you are writing this piece of art. I saw His grace in every pages of the book. I feel His love in every word and for that I thank you.

It feels great to finally read again. :-) Thank you Book Sneeze for the opportunity to read wonderful books. To do one thing I love the most… READING! Ready for the next one. :-)

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