Review: Larsian (Cebu City)

I checked out some blogs and this food alley came up quite often. It seems like it’s a tourist favorite.
We asked the hotel front desk personnel for the directions and after minutes of wandering around Cebu City, we found Larsian sa Fuente at the back of Robinson’s Cybergate.
I already have an idea on what to expect on the place but not G.p. Maybe she was expecting a real restaurant of some sorts. Though I must admit that I am shocked as well. Larsian looked like our very own Dampa. They have Ihawan lined up on the sides of the place and long tables set up on the center. They also got kids who tries to sell sampaguita necklaces while you eat.
A gay approached us and offered us some barbeque when we entered. He was so hilarious that G.p immediately chose them. We got pork barbeques, isaw (intestine), hotdogs and squid. And then we’re escorted to our table. After a few minutes, we were served with 2 plates wrapped in plastic and another 2 plastic bags for our hands. We were not given any utensils. I guess that’s part of the unique experience: kamayan style!
We were also served with 10 pcs of these love. I initially thought they were suman (native rice cake). But then I remembered my Grandmother in Bulacan who used to serve us with something similar during our Town Fiesta. Though they were much bigger.
Rice wrapped in coconut leaves (Php3.00)

After a few more minutes our orders were served. We immediately tried everything. G.p and I are both starving since we had a long day and we skipped lunch because of the Tagbilaran Scene so we ate like kargadors. ;-P
Pork Barbeque (Php5.00) /Isaw (Php5.00) /Hotdog on stick (Php13.00).

Grilled Squid (Php 45.00)

Their barbeques are yummy! I don’t know. It must be the sauce or something but they are indeed extraordinary. I now understand why it’s famous. For something so cheap and so yummy, Larsian barbeques are really sulit. G.p who loves isaw so much had 10 sticks and finish them off in a breeze. While I munch on the Grilled Squid which is also another favorite of mine.
Their version of rice is a perfect match to every viand we had. I initially had difficulty unwrapping them but after a few tries and few more rice (not to mention few more pounds?), I became an expert! haha..
We finished everything and even had second helpings of the isaw and the barbeque. But when we had our orders computed, We’re both shocked that our bill is less than Php250 only! I mean, with those isaw and barbeque, we can feed the entire Paco!
Look at our table after we munch on everything! I know they looked like an entire barangay ate them but whatever! We didn’t have our lunch. #palusotngmatatakaw

Very cheap indeed but very yummy! Definitely a must try! So for those of you who plan to visit Cebu City, make sure you drop by Larsian. But oh! Expect to come home smelling like a barbeque.
Hello there Cebu City! This is what greeted us after our dinner. Perfect isn’t it?


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