G.p and I are in Cebu when all the hype of No Other Woman heats up our twitter timelines.

no other woman gross(Photo grabbed from Google)

G.p initially planned to watch the movie BEFORE we leave Manila but we we’re not able to squeeze it on our schedule.

So after our Cebu City Tour, G.p literally dragged me on Ayala Center Cebu’s cinema.

321604_2029978149076_1232784923_31727211_1346028742_nPhoto from G.p’s Facebook account.

We’re both so excited! Not only because we’re finally watching the movie that twitter people are all talking about but also because it’s our first time to actually watch a movie/stay inside a mall while on vacation! Plus, when the cinema showed their plugs… it was Bisaya! hahaha.. We can’t understand a thing but keber! I loved the experience.

The movie is so worth our time. I love it. Not only the funky lines, not only Anne’s drop dead gorgeous body, even not only DEREK RAMSAY! I love the totality of the movie. As in the whole package. The way it was delivered. The characters, the timing… it was brilliant! Of course, that’s only MY HUMBLE OPINION. :)


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