Review: Bakers Fresh


G.p and I went to EDSA Shangri-La for my annual checkup. The clinic opens at around 7AM-8AM so we went there kinda early. Plus I still have work in the afternoon so we were really eager to get done as early as possible.
However, my veins didn’t cooperate so we ended up being in the clinic until lunch time. Plus, we were asked to go back 1 week after since they were not able to get any blood from me. I guess, Edward and the rest of the gang would never fall for me. So much for being Bella then.
G.p not knowing what to pick first! :-)
Anyway, after that horrible experience with the needle, I needed something to soothe me. Something that would make me forget all the pains I endured in the clinic.

So imagine how heavenly I felt the moment G.p and I entered Bakers Fresh.
They offer the most deliciously-looking breads. Like my favorites, BreadTalk and FrenchBaker, they have these unique ways of making you feel hungry just by looking at their stall.
The moment we set foot on that Haven of breads, G.p and I can’t seem to manage what to get first. Everything seemed delicious!
Ham and Cheese Roll (Php50++)
Anyway, I was only able to take a pic of the ham and cheese roll because after we paid for our breads, G.p ate everything like a hungry hyena; leaving only bread crumbs on the paper bag. Hahaha..


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