On our way home to Angono, G.p and I stopped by this place in Shaw. I was really starving and is looking for a perfect place to eat when we noticed this resto that serves Pinoy food at reasonable price.

2011-01-08 23.41.25

Upon entering the place, we noticed that they have this “club-resto” feel. They have a stage where performers can sing and set-up their band instruments. Their tables and chairs are wood that resembles those places we usually see on US TV series.

2011-01-08 23.40.14

I was super thirsty then having travelled from Manila so I had their large root beer. Little did I know that when they say Large, they actually meant a “barrel-sized” mug. Thank heavens I only ordered 1 for both of us or we’d drown.

2011-01-08 23.40.36Me, wondering if I’m given a large glass of root beer or a PITCHER?

2011-01-08 23.41.04I really wanted to finish this one off to no avail.

2011-01-08 23.42.30

I had Inihaw na Liempo while G.p got Adobo Shred Rice Bowl. The Inihaw na Liempo is ok. Nothing special but acceptable. Specially if you’ll consider their price. The Adobo Shreds are also ok. Again, it’s not something that would knock you off your feet.

2011-01-08 23.47.18

2011-01-08 23.47.52

Overall dining experience?? Just OKAY. That huge root beer actually made our dining extra special. We paid less than Php 250 so for someone hungry and with a little budget, this place is highly recommended.


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