We went to SM Manila to watch a movie. I was not particularly hungry that time so I was not thinking of having dinner before the movie. So while we’re on our way to the Cinema, we noticed this colorful restaurant inviting everyone to try their chicken and saying they offer unlimited Hainamese rice.

The nice tumbler.
It's made of paper mind you so it's very much environment friendly!

Just the smell coming from the place made me hungry. I was literally dragging G.p to hurry over with the buying of the movie tickets because my tummy is really grumbling.
We had their 1pc chicken meal. Of course I got the wing part while G.p got the leg part.
Their chicken is different from the usual fried chicken that we have here. Theirs is covered with some oatmeal-like thingy. Those uncooked oatmeal mind you. Chicken are so crispy and flavorful. They have this herb taste but in a good way. They also come with gravy that’s also yummy. Being a gravy addict that I am, having this different twist in gravy and chicken is very welcome.
Those hainamese rice are soooo yummy as well. Can’t believe they offer it on unlimited. It also has that distinct herb taste that made the rice extra special. I usually hate herbs and spices on food but this one is an exception.
Add the very nice ambiance of the place. It’s not usual for a fast food like these to have nice interiors. But theirs is very classy. G.p and I we’re even thinking that whoever comes up with an idea like this must have been a young entrepreneur. Everything about the place shouts “Cool!”.

The ambiance is very nice.
It reminds me of Red Mango in Greenbelt.

Our first ChickChat experience is awesome. I hope they’d have more branches around the metro. J Uulit talaga ako! They also offer pasta and sandwiches, those I’d love to try on my next visit.
Apologies guys, no food pictures. :-) We ate everything the moment it hit our table.


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